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Connect and Inspire with LActivity: The Ultimate Class Listing Platform

Art Class
Arts and Crafts

Elevate your teaching experience by reaching eager learners across Kuwait. List your classes today and join our community of inspiring educators.


Maximize your class exposure with our optimized listing features and reach a broader audience of motivated learners


Become part of a select group of educators who are as passionate about teaching as they are about learning. Share resources, tips, and experiences to enrich your teaching practice.


From listing your class to managing enrollments, our team offers the support you need every step of the way. We're dedicated to making your teaching experience as rewarding as possible.


How to Join LActivity


Craft Your Class Listing

Title & Description: Begin by crafting a compelling title and a detailed description for each class you wish to teach. Highlight what makes your class unique and what students can expect to learn. This is your chance to shine and attract students who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.


Schedule Your Classes

Start Dates: Determine the start dates for your classes. Consider offering multiple sessions if you have the capacity, to accommodate students with varying schedules.


Set Up Your Action Link

Registration or Contact: Prepare a way for students to take action. If you have a registration link, great! If not, providing a WhatsApp contact is a fantastic alternative. In the form, we'll guide you on how to set this up effectively to ensure a smooth registration process for your students.


Submit Your Information

Fill Out the Form: Complete our easy-to-navigate form with the information about your classes here. It's important to ensure all details are accurate and complete to facilitate a smooth listing process.


Await Confirmation

Processing: Once you've submitted your form, our team will process the information. You'll receive a confirmation once your classes are listed and ready to welcome students. This is the final step before your teaching journey with LActivity begins!

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