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These are some of the products which we developed using Artificial Intelligence (AI). They are customised for each organisation to match their needs.

Meaning Detector

It identifies the meanings of given datasets and expresses them using the user's vocabulary through the power of AI.

Stones of Meaning

Realtime Translator

Using AI technologies, it translates technical terms and named entities in real-time (in microseconds). This is suitable for live events such as technical talks.

Communicating with Sign Language

Data Integrator

It integrates several datasets collected from different sources into one homogeneous dataset via AI.

Making Magic

Semantic Data Analyser

Assists data scientists through the use of semantics and AI by mimicking their behaviour.

Analyzing the data

Public Apps

ImageGen AI


Using AI, it generates images from user descriptions. It is your AI-powered artist! Transform ideas into stunning visuals with ease and unleash your creativity.




This app is meant to integrate different AI systems together. However, it is yet to be available to the public.

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