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"I am quite confident in Ahmad’s skills as an AI researcher with a high potential for achieving a relevant impact" — Oscar

Image by Will Swann

Leo Santos

I would like to show my gratitude for the technical support received by Runzbuzz, especially for the work and dedication of Ahmad Alobaid. This support has translated into a great interest in leaving me satisfied as a client by resolving all issues with great professionalism.

Image by Hanna Postova

María P.V.

Ahmad has demonstrated successful results not only from the academic perspective, but also from that of transferring research results to the industry winning grants for continuing his research in the context of an innovation program together with a leading IT company in Spain. With his enquiring mind and leadership qualities, Ahmad has shown himself to be an exceptional researcher. I strongly recommend him, since he is not only a competent researcher but is also a formidable person to interact with, and I have always been impressed by his enthusiasm and the high quality of his work. In addition, he is great at teamwork and pushing the team to their full potential

Image by Ruthson Zimmerman

Oscar C.

Ahmad has always shown a strong scientific approach for dealing with complex problems and has contributed relevant solutions to the state of the art, as shown by several publications on his core achievements. He has also had a strong capacity to work together with other members in the group as well as with foreign researchers.

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